About me

The Quilted Horse came about because of my love for horses and sewing  and because of my Drs. suggestion I give up housecleaning because it was to hard on my back.

I am now a stay at home fiber artist/seamstress. I do alterations. I wash, mend, and waterproof horse blankets and other horse related items. I dye silk scarves, shawls and large amounts of silk yardage for nuno felting. I am a nuno felter and make shawls, vests, hats and gauntlets. Most days I am playing in the studio learning something new or perfecting what I already do.

Everything I do is one of a kind. If you have any questions  or are looking for a custom art jacket or silk dyed in your colors just contact me. I am happy to do custom work.   Thank you for stopping by today.  Cari