I bought some Icelandic wool from Maverick Fiber Arts in Lafayette. I made this hat and it was the first thing I sold at the Applewood Arts Festival in Fort Collins. I bought more of this wool to make this hat again. It is really nice wool and felts easily and will wear well.

Felters rendezvous 2020

Registration is open here at http://www.thefeltingsource.com/The-Felter-s-Rendezvous-2020/ and I thought I had better get busy loading new silks for sale on my Etsy site. If you are ready to pre-shop for your class. I have 46″ wide margelon scrim, 3mm gauze and 5mm habotai.

If you do not see a color listed that you would like please contact me. I can dye up something custom for you. You can buy it now or I can bring it with me to Rendezvous and you can see it in person and purchase it there.

I always tell people who buy from me that the silks I dye hold their color and will not bleed , nor will they turn your hands purple while you work with them. The water is opaque when I am done rinsing.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to help.


Just a random thought or message to anyone reading this on rainy Monday afternoon. I really dislike the barrage of adds everywhere I go and everywhere I look on the internet. You cannot look on someone’s page without an add blocking your view.

I thought I would let you know that until I am forced to I will not sign up for adds on my website to make extra $. Happy Monday.

Summer Shawl

I have been encouraging my sister as she develops her website. So I am following my own advice and posting a few pictures of my recent work.

I enjoy felting and creating new things. I have been making shawls for a while and thought I needed to make something lightweight for the summer. I love this piece with the fringe and the colors of the wool and silk together. Do you like it?

Looking forward to summer

OK so I worked like crazy to get my site migrated to a new host …. which took a month….. then I became incredibly busy doing holiday shows. Now I am back. I have been making these purses like crazy. I love them. They are not too big but big enough to hold a checkbook, phone and lots of other goodies. It has 3 interior pockets.

Aren’t these cute?

A new website

If you have been to my website before you are wondering what happened. The old is gone and the new is just beginning. So check back for new information and new pictures.

If you are looking for hand dyed silk yardage for sale or maybe some leather bag handles you can checkout my Etsy shop. Just click on the E at the top of the page under “Follow Us” on.

Thanks for stopping by.